Mastery takes as long as you want it to take. - Mahadevi-


Triza has made a welcome impact on introducing Hatha Yoga to our attendees in a caring and nurturing environment. The content of her class offering alternatives for both advanced practitioners and beginners, coupled with her patient and professional manner has endeared her both to members and guests. Amrita Spa have only the highest respect for Triza's personal achievements and her ability to impart this knowledge with others.

Kate Bess, Spa Manager
Amrita Spa, Merchant Court Hotel, Sydney Australia.

Triza has been a dedicated member of our tutoring staff, bringing to the Union relevant skills and knowledge of Hatha Yoga and has become a true asset. We have received glowing reports about her teaching style and ability to put a student at ease. Triza is well liked also among our staff and has responded quite well to difficult situations such as a lack of resources and unexpectedly large classes.

Erin Normoyle, Courses Administrator
University of NSW Union, Australia.

Triza's dedication and professionalism in this field has been very beneficial to many of our members in all age groups who regularly attend her classes. Management are delighted to have her as part of the instructor team who regularly instruct on the timetable. Triza conducted a Yoga Workshop for our members and guests, the response from participants was more than expected and reinforced again to club management the speciality of Triza's professional skills and gifts.

Suzanne Cooper, CTC Ladies Gymnasium Manager
City Tattersalls Club, Sydney, Australia

Triza is a wonderful teacher offering well-constructed classes. The content of the classes shows that she understands the needs of the group and that she is working at all times, to stretch and expand us. Triza's communication skills are excellent. She has educated us well about yoga's physical dimensions but also about its spiritual dimensions of self-exploration, self-discovery, disicipline and "letting go". The meditation sessions of her classes are well loved. She has a marvelously sonorous voice! She has been an influential teacher and mentor. We admire her humility and her desire to go on learning. It has been a delight to meet and get to know Triza and a privilege to have her as a teacher.

Uniting Church in Australia

I enjoy everything about Triza's classes. There is nothing I wish to change about them. The instruction is well thought-out and easy to follow and the pace of the classes particularly in the Friday morning one is challenging. I like the fact that the classes vary and concentrate on different aspects each week. Triza is very good at encouraging and motivating us and provides us with excellent examples through her own postures. She is very approachable and willing to help us with our individual weaknesses. The warmth of her personality and the ambience she creates during the classes make them very important to my weekly routine. She has given me much to think about and work on not only in terms of my physical fitness but also emotionally and spiritually.

Ann Willy, 45
Computer Consultant

There is a Chinese proverb that states "One good teacher outweighs a ton of books". If you are fortunate enough to experience Triza's classes one will understand this proverb completely. Triza has a unique gift for teaching with not only intensity but integrity and most importantly compassion. Her depth of knowledge and experience drawn from her own experience is generously shared with others. She sees the potential in each student and helps them to mature according to the individual. Her knowledge in anatomy, nutrition, yogic philosophy and practice is extensive. I know from my own personal experience that
students and teachers are both inspired and humbled by her example. Keep on shining your light Triza and thank you!!!

Francisca Alexander, Certified Yoga Teacher New York City.

I LOVE MY YOGA CLASS!!!! Triza knows when we need to work hard, when we need to de-stress, when we need to relax and when we need to get a little more intense. She knows us and our needs and is sensitive while also very much in control of the class and in-charge! Thank you!!

Alison Schneider, New York City.

Triza Monte is such an inspiration, she becomes one with her yoga teaching. I have never met anyone with such dedication. We miss her very much in New York!

Barbara, New York City.

Trizayoga is by far the most professional yoga experience available. A master of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. Master Triza takes your mind, body, and spirit on an upward path to fitness and relaxation.
I have had the privileges to work with Master Triza in two very distinct facets of my life. The first time was in New York at her Manhattan studio when I was a Wall Street financial analyst looking to find a way to manage my stress levels as well as increase my level of fitness. After discussing with Master Triza what my goals were, she was able to create a unique yoga experience that was tailored to my personal needs. After 3 months of one hour's sessions twice a week, I found myself in a much better physical and mental states. My productivity at work was much higher than before yet I didn't feel the fatigue associated with 80-90 hour work weeks.
The second stage in my life I was fortunate enough to work with Master Triza was when I was preparing to return to the ATP Tour to resume my career in professional tennis. I quickly realized how beneficial yoga is to an athlete and just how much of a boost it can provide in one's performance. After all, the world number 1 in tennis practices yoga and meditation for 4 hours a day. I found myself much more aware and in tune with my body while I was on the court and able to recuperate faster off the court. Yoga really made an impact on my tennis career and I owe this success to Master Triza.
I urge anyone and everyone to at least try yoga once. It is my belief that once you try it, you will not want to stop. There are an incredible number of benefits and there are no detrimental aspects to yoga. Master Triza makes yoga the ultimate system to improve one's quality of life.
Thank you Master Triza!!!

Navnoor Kang, New York City & California.

Triza is just amazing at what she does. Her knowledge, experience and passion is something you just can't put a price on. She can take one quick look at you and know exactly how to get the best out of you. My husband goes to the gym quite regularly and thought Triza's class would be a walk in the park and he got the workout of his life!!!
As for me, I was surprised to see how quickly I could gain my suppleness back in my body. I haven't danced for over ten years and now I feel so much younger with so much more energy!! My sleep is better too using Triza's breathing methods.
Triza is great at structuring a class to suit all levels and her easy to follow techniques and demonstrations are just fantastic. My favourite part is the chanting and meditation at the end of the class..she has the most beautiful and enchanting voice! Padam...padam...

Phinemm Nelson, Owner, Director, Professional Singer.
Vocalise Studios, Sydney, Australia

I really enjoy my yoga classes with Triza. I have become more flexible and I enjoy the feeling of going through a dynamic series of postures - The class feels like a full work-out.

Kim Rosser, 43

I find the classes very peaceful. Triza is a competent teacher and very understanding. I have improved a great deal over the last three months when I first started on Friday morning as a beginner. Triza is a friendly person and takes a great deal of pride in her own form and this then reflects back on her students. I feel I breathe a lot easier and can relate my breathing outside the yoga room when necessary. Triza is a calm person and I feel this calmness is passed onto her students. I really enjoy her class and will always practice yoga.

Noelene Wickham, 51

What I enjoy most about Triza's yoga class is the positive chi emerging from Triza and invading the whole room. Triza's classes are very enjoyable and because of her inner beauty projecting out all the time, I feel like a better person when I walk out of her classes. I feel better physically, and I can do asanas I did not think i could do before. any confidence in my own body has improved dramatically because I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me.

Leonor Marrone, 60
Beauty Therapist.

The whole class is complete yoga package with Triza's special empathy and style. I enjoy chanting, mantras and relaxation.

Philippa Allison, 52

Triza's yoga classes give you a real workout, it calms and harmonizes the body. I like the way she guides us through meditation, her hypnotic voice and especially the chanting. Triza has an extensive knowledge of each yoga posture and explains to us how each psoture can be achieved.

Esther Chung, 50

Trizayoga Teacher Training has challenged me tremendously not only with the physical postures but more mentally with discipline. I am much more peaceful within, I love and enjoy playing on my mat to pay attention to precision as Triza would suggest each time. I learnt so much on how to open up the body and release the tension in my own body and my students. Graduating from Trizayoga School is one of my treasures in life. I have a good foundation in yoga and my aim is to spread the teachings of yoga. I am grateful to be working with my teacher Triza in her corporate yoga.

Dana Stevenson, Pilates Teacher & Trizayoga Certified Teacher, New York City.

Triza, I am a man of few words. You are excellent teacher. You have helped me lose my weight and manage my stress levels in my medical practice. I can't thank you enough. You have a special gift.

Dr. Najeeb Khan, New York City.

Thank you for all your mentoring in my yoga studies Triza. Tutoring me in anatomy to pass my examination was great. I wouldn't have done it without your support. Your TTTC is life-transforming, I am so much happier with my new journey as a yoga teacher(also glad to be working with you in your corporate yoga- thanks for the contract, its a great start for me). I feel good, I feel alive and look forward to what is ahead of me.

Christina Wilson, Secretary - NSW, Australia.



Trizayoga Teacher Training was difficult. I thank you Triza for your encouragement and guidance. I feel that I have improved as a teacher and as a person. You have been an inspiration to me and will always be grateful for all your support and nurturing in my learning. I look forward to working with you.

Om prem, Namaste
Lakshmi Chowdhury, 27 - Pilates Teacher & Trizayoga Certified Teacher - NSW Australia.


Triza is a very motivated, dedicated and professional yoga teacher and practitioner.  My Mum and I attended Triza's Yoga class and she incorporates all elements of mind, body and spirit into her class is truly unique.  i thoroughly enjoyed the class with Triza, as we did something different each time keeping the classes interesting.  I can truly say they are the best Yoga classes i have ever attended.  Triza is a great mentor and took the time to help me achieve my personal goals.

Natalie Collier, 29 - Sydney, Australia


Excellent weekend yoga retreat. Challenging work-out. Just what I needed to de-stess from my hectic work schedule. It should be more than three days though. I have enjoyed it so much, didn't want it to end. Thank you!!

Anthony Poulos, 28
Software Programmer


Over 10 years ago, I was involved in a car crash that left me with a lower back problem and bulging discs that used to cause me a lot of problems and pain. After seeing Triza Yoga on a regular basis, she really taught me how to minimize the pain and stretch my back and build my core strength.  Being a musician and also working full time makes me a very busy person and I look forward to each and every class as the relaxation and meditation helps me balance my lifestyle and gives me the energy to keep going every week.

Thank you Triza, you are a wealth of knowledge and you have taught me so much.  I recommend your classes to everyone that is in the same situation as me as the benefits are far greater than any form of exercise I have done in the past.


Much Love, Jon Machler

Sydney NSW Australia


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