When you are authentically and totally yourself,  you embody Dharma.


What is a basics class?

Basics I & Basics II/Beginner's yoga teaches fundamentals of yoga postures. The teacher takes you through a slow pace of postures and corrects your alignment and guides you to proper form. If you are already a more experienced yoga practitioner, it is important to humbly maintain a beginner's mind and to refine your postures.

What is an open class/vinyasa class?

The basic postures you have been exploring in the Basics class are expanded upon. Postures are choreographed for you in a flowing manner to increase heat and concentration in moving from one posture to the other. You'll be expected to know the fundamentals of the postures. An open class is challenging for mind and body, but as the name suggests, it is open to all levels. Pace yourself to your own limitations. All welcome to this balance-structured class with guided relaxation.

What is an intermediate/advanced class?

For more experienced yoga practitioners only. This class is demanding and challenging in mind and body. Your strength and flexibility is intensely challenged.

How often should I take a yoga class/session?

It is best to take class 2-3 times a week and to practice everyday at home. The session provides guidance by a certified yoga teacher to correct your alignment and refine your form and posture. If you can take class only once a week, you will never lose what you have learned. Yoga can only be a gain to your well-being. Just pick up where you left off each week. The same is true for people who once did yoga and stopped for many years. You just pick up where you left off because the body has memory.

What should I wear?

Comfortable exercise clothing that does not restrict your breathing and movement while doing postures.

Can I eat before class?

An empty stomach at least two hours before class/session is good so that you can get maximum benefit from your yoga practice. If you are hungry, a very light meal is okay. Everyone is different so listen to your body. Some people may have a glass of liquid of their own choice to boost the energy a little before class.

I just found out I'm pregnant. Can I start a yoga practice?

Private prenatal session with our Master Yoga teacher is available. If you are fairly athletic already, you may try our gentle or basics class.

What if I can't do every posture?

None of us do 'every posture'. If you get lost during class, pause for a moment and watch the other students or the teacher and then catch up. Yoga is not a competition.

What if I can't touch my toes?

To begin a yoga practice, all you need is a flexible mind! With time and patience, a flexible body follows. Also, everyone is flexible, but because of sedentary living, we have become more restricted in our movements. It is essential to devote some time to stretch your mind and your body for optimum health.

Is it necessary to become a vegetarian in order to practice yoga?

No, but many yogis espouse a vegetarian diet. The goal of yoga practice is to become non-violent toward all beings. a vegetarian diet, free of animal-based products, is a practice of non-violence, but is also a work in progress. Becoming a vegetarian is a personal choice that should occur without force. Make your decisions by beginning to observe how different foods make you feel during practice. Some people seem to do best with meat, this is highly individual.

Would I lose weight? Will I get results?

Yoga body is a long, lean body. Your development depends upon you and your commitment. It always depends on your attitude towards any practice. Yoga certainly is a great benefit not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. On the physical level, depending on how often you practice yoga, you will develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility, and a more fit and beautiful body.

Is yoga a religion?

Experts say NO. Yoga is a philosophy. Although yoga has its roots in some religious practices, its really a set of ethical principles like non-violence and truthfulness that anyone can follow. You can practice yoga along with any religion. And because yoga is a practice of self-discovery and renewal, you may even find that yoga practice deepens and enhances your religious beliefs and commitment.

Who can do yoga?

Yoga may be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Of course, the practice of a twenty year old is different from that of a fifty year old. Through time and sensitivity, you will develop a practice that is right for you. Our oldest student with Trizayoga is in her 80's. People practice yoga for optimum performance and health for their whole lives. It can only enhance your studies in yoga and reduce stress. However, if you suffer from any specific medical condition, it is best to check with your doctor before taking up asana practice. Yoga should not be seen as a substitute for a medical prescription.

What is the key to a balanced practice?

The key to a balanced practice is a certified and experienced teacher. This is important otherwise you could be doing a posture incorrectly for ten years. I had 2 very powerful teachers who came from a holistic understanding of yoga. And it is good to have mentors in your yoga practice. You will need someone who reflects to you who you are. We can always explore teachings of many teachers and eventually find and stick to the one who suits you best.





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